Roof Cleaning

no pressure roof cleaning

Does your roof have black streaks on it? Does it look like the picture below?


These black streaks are called gloeocapsa magma, or GM, more commonly called mold or fungus. This cyanobacterium is a bacteria that get their strength to survive through photosynthesis and the limestone filler found in the composition of shingles. Another organism growing on your roof is moss, a plant, not a fungus or algae. Moss aids in shortening the life span of your roof because it retains moisture and, in cold climates, can freeze, causing damage to the shingle and granules. With our professional roof cleaning, we will make sure to eliminate all black mold & algae from your roof shingles with ease!


We use a safe soft-wash process to safely and effectively clean your roof. It is similar to the process of washing your home; low pressure and safe soaps!


You can see the gloeocapsa magma all over the roof in this picture. Asphalt shingles contain limestone, making them heavy, durable, and reflective. Roof algae, over time, will slowly consume the limestone, ultimately weakening the shingles and making them less reflective. It's recommended that your roof be soft-washed by a professional every 5 years; or when you see signs of regrowth to ensure the longevity of the shingles.

Before & After 

The results speak for themselves! It's pretty impressive!

Roof Cleaning Before and After