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Colorful fall leaves in the gutter on a roof with ladder

Professional Gutter Cleaning & Brightening Services in Lancaster,Pa

How many times have you thought about cleaning your gutters, and the job is still not done? We all know that we have to clean our gutters, but honestly, who wants to climb up on the ladder, pulling stinky and nasty grime out all day? No one! As you postpone this task, the fascia board is getting rotted, the foundation is getting weaker, and pests are settling in your gutters. Dirty and clogged gutters are not only a big burden on the very thought, but they actually ruin the life span of your home’s exterior. Clogged gutters can lead to water pouring behind the gutter, which can even seep into the walls of your home. Also, water can pour on the foundation that will start to erode and crack. That’s why Thorowash Gutter Cleaning & Brightening Services offers professional protection from water damage and possible roof repairs that will cost you a real fortune and many stressful days.

Let Us Do The Hard Work

man on ladder cleaning house gutter from leaves and dirt in Lancaster, PA by Thorowash Power Washing LLC

What is Gutter Brightening?

Gutter cleaning is the process of removing all debris and dirt from your gutters. But what is gutter brightening? Well, have you ever looked up at your gutters and wondered how to get the black streaks off the front of them? That's what gutter brightening is! Gutter brightening is a thorough cleaning process that removes dirt and discoloration from the gutter surface to reveal the original, bright color underneath. Brightening is an add-on to gutter clearing that removes potential blockages and power washing services that remove dirt and grime from aluminum, vinyl, or wood siding. First and foremost, it enhances curb appeal. Brightening does not improve how the gutters function because it does not remove obstructions or change how water flows through them. However, it can often extend the life of your gutters by removing buildup that could promote rust. The main goal of gutter brightening is to help your gutters look their best. The primary benefit is boosting your property's curb appeal by making old gutters look new.  



gutter cleaning & brightening before and after picture by Thorowash Power Washing LLC near Lancaster, Pa


Although many homeowners neglect cleaning their gutters, they are a very important part of your home that needs maintenance. To increase your roof’s lifespan, gutters need a thorough cleaning. But before you hire a professional service to clean your gutters, we want to make sure you know we are the experienced, clear choice for you because cleaning gutters also carries certain risks. If this job is entrusted to unprofessional contractors or people without experience, and adequate equipment and insurance, you can expect damage to your house or worse, someone falling off the ladder! That’s why our Gutter Cleaning Near Me in Lancaster, PA technicians are experienced, have all the necessary equipment they need to get the job done efficiently and safely, and are insured. It’s up to you to dedicate your time to other things, and we’ll take care of your gutters!

A man cleaning out a lot of debri from gutters for gutter cleaning by Thorowash Power Washing LLC in Lancaster, Pa
gutters are full of fall leaves and must be cleared

Our Residential Gutter Cleaning Services Include:

  • Removal of debris (leaves, twigs, shingle grit) sitting in gutters and down spouts

  • Rinsing out the inside of gutters

  • Gutter whitening (removal of mold, mildew or black stains on exterior surface of the gutters)

  • Gutter Brightening

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What You Can Count On!

100% Satisfaction On All Services

The Best Exterior Cleaning Experience 

Safe & Professional Soft Washing Services

One Year House Washing Warranty

Two Year Roof Cleaning Warranty

Fast & Free Quotes

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