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Professional House Washing Services in Lancaster, Pa

Want to see a glimpse of how we safely wash your home with low pressure and safe soaps to eliminate the grime, dirt, and green? Watch this quick video and see the green disappear!

At Thorowash LLC, power washing near me, we take pride in our work and want to make sure you're happy with the results. We use industry-proven procedures and commercial-grade soap products that will eliminate any dirt or grime on your home's siding. Professional house washing near me, uses very low pressure to clean your home without damaging its surface. It's perfect for homes with delicate surfaces like stucco or brick because there's no excessive pressure involved!


​We know what your property needs, and we're here to provide the best service. Whether you need a deep clean or want an occasional touch-up, our locally owned company is equipped for any job! If you've been searching "house washing near me," you'll be happy to know that we'll get rid of all those pesky contaminants with some of the most modern equipment available on today's market. We're constantly adapting so that we've got it covered no matter your specific requirements.


Thorowash LLC can make exterior cleaning both affordable and fast! We offer an impressive 100% Clean Guarantee which is our promise of a superior clean with no residue left behind. We also know that the exterior of your home is more than just a pretty thing to look at. But it is also an investment, and we are committed to helping you protect that investment.

We use commercial-grade soaps that are safe for your family. We use the industry's leading methods to clean your home or business' siding without damaging it in any way. Thorowash will eliminate dirt, grime, and other surface contaminants from the exterior of your property. Our soap is EPA recognized, which guarantees that the products we use are safe products that will keep your home looking its best.


As a green company, we do not use any harsh chemicals or solvents during the exterior cleaning process. Our low-pressure washing service uses only water and safe detergents to ensure our work does not damage your home's surfaces! And it works great on the siding! Takes care of everything - no need to lift a finger, Thorowash does it all!


To see pictures of some of the dirtiest and most fun projects that we have completed, look at the Photo Gallery!

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What You Can Count On!

100% Satisfaction On All Services 

The Best Exterior Cleaning Experience

Safe & Professional Soft Washing Services

One Year House Washing Warranty

Two Year Roof Cleaning Warranty

Fast & Free Quotes

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